Frequently Asked Question

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General Questions:

1. Whill there be any new changes to the website?

We will be adopting a membership system. News will be provided to our members according to there demand. Materials will be available in various formats.

2.Will the videos be transmitted via satellite?

Videos are currently transmitted via the official website We are exploring new channels of transmission in order to meet different client’s requirements.

3.Where else can the News Content videos be obtained?

Clients of APTN and Reuters can also download our news videos via their official websites.

4.When can the videos be downloaded?

System is in its testing stage. Downloads will be available in different formats soon.

5.Has membership registration started?

Yes. Registration for new membership is in operation. Requests will be processed within 24 hours. Once approved, members can login to the website and enjoy our full News Content service.

6.Is the website supported on Windows and Mac?

Our website is compatible on both operating systems.

7.Is the website supported on all Internet browsers?

Our website currently supports Internet Explorer 8. Our technical department is working on testing the system on other internet browsers.

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