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On January 1st, 2011, China Central Television announced the start of a new service - CCTV News Content. It serves as a platform for CCTV to upload clean and unedited news materials to broadcasters worldwide. Produced by the CCTV's own newsgathering team, CCTV News Content comprises a combination of political, social, economic and cultural news. CCTV News Content sets out to tell the story of China to the world.

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  • Before contacting us, please check through the frequently asked questions to find answers to your questions.
Our News Xchange 2011 Debut

Our News Xchange 2011 Debut.

The Tenth News Xchange 2011 concluded on Friday in Cascais, Portugal. News agencies from 55 countries took part in this annual conference for news producers worldwide.

During the two-day conference, 441 representatives from around the world discussed topics concerning disaster report, journalism ethics, safety of war correspondents, and diffusion of new technologies and social networks.

Present at the conference were world famous news agencies such as Associated Press (AP) and Reuters and television stations including CNN, BBC, CBS, NHK, SKY and others from around the world.

China Central Television Station (CCTV), an associated member of European Broadcasting Union, also participated in the conference.

CCTV China Central Television

A television network with millions of local viewers tuned in every day.

A television broadcaster reporting to the world in six different languages.

A comprehensive media organization with around 200 million overseas customers in over 100 countries and regions.

CCTV is responsible for 41 TV channels, and the launch of China Network Television (CNTV), mobile (wap.cctv.com), in car, and IP TV services. Bringing the world to China and presenting China to the world.

As of 1st January 2011, CCTV founded a new service - CCTV News Content, providing syndicated video news contents to broadcasters worldwide.

With China's rapid development spur growing interests from the international community. CCTV's capacity for newsgathering and reporting is continuously expanding to keep pace with the growing demand.

In 2010, CCTV News was able to broadcast an average of 600 items per day, with 48 percent original first hand reporting. In the same year CCTV set up emergency stations in 30 cities around the country, greatly enhancing the network's professional capacity to cover domestic news. At the same time, CCTV expanded its overseas coverage by setting up 7 regional centers and 43 newsgathering bureaus, forming a vast international network covering news around the globe.

As a state broadcaster, CCTV enjoys professional reputation among media counterparts around the world. There is constant increase in the demand for China's video news content, especially from international media organizations engaged in long-term cooperation with CCTV. The launch of its international news video service has been highly anticipated.

In keeping with the tagline of "Sharing Chinese Stories with the World" CCTV News Content was created. The system has been under vigorous trail since 1st January 2011. The official website newscontent.cctv.com is now in full operation.

Through cooperation with the Associated Press, CCTV News Content presents video news materials according to the international editing schedule, in four bulletin time slots every day. Contents are uploaded on to the Associated Press Television News (APTN) satellite network, reaching 90 percent of media customers worldwide. CCTV News Content also joined hands with Reuters in order to provide real-time video news transmission via the Internet.

In the future, CCTV News Content will serve as a platform to share CCTV's news resources and act as an independent operator to release CCTV news footages.

With original stories, CCTV News Content will provide the real China to the world. Through this new service the unique stories of China will be told to the World.

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