Story : China-Factory Blast
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Dateline : Mar 27, 2012
Duration : 2'59
Locations : Wuhan, China
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Source : China Central Television (CCTV)
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Summary : 2 killed, 26 injured in food processing plant blast in C China
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Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Central China - Mar 27, 2012
1. Zoom out of factory premise
2. Pan from rescue vehicles to exploded workshop
3. Various of workshop debris
4. Various of rescuers working
5. Zoom out of exploded workshop
6. Various of rescuers working
7. Wide of injured worker lying in debris
8. Mid of rescuer probing alive workers
9. Close of life detector
10. Pan left of exploded workshop
11. SOUNDBITE (Chinese) rescuer:
"The workshop may collapse at any time, and one is stranded in debris. We've been working for two hours to get him out, but now his leg is still stuck. He has clear vitals. He can speak now."
12. Various of rescuers lifting injured worker from out of debris onto stretcher
13. Various of rescuers working
14. Wide of exploded workshop


Two people were killed, 26 others injured after a blast toppled a food processing plant in Wuhan, capital city of central China's Hubei province, Tuesday afternoon.

A reaction kettle exploded from excessive pressure at around 13:30, causing a workshop to collapse at the Luyuan Biopharmaceutical Plant in the city's Jiangxia District, said an official with the provincial firefighting department.

Rescuers said late Tuesday that they have managed to pull out all the people buried in the debris.

The 26 wounded have been rushed to a nearby hospital, among whom, two suffered severe injuries, said the official.


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