Story : China-Fashion Week/Childrenswear
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Dateline : Mar 28, 2012
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Locations : Beijing,China
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Source : China Central Television (CCTV)
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Summary : Childrenswear series dazzles audience at 2012 China Fashion Week
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Beijing,China - Mar 28, 2012
1. Wide of catwalk for childrenswear show
2. Zoom in of sign showing sponsor icons over sign reading (English/Chinese): "Kids Flowers"
3. Various of young models walking along catwalk donning new childrens fashions
4. Various of audience members viewing and filming show
5. Zoom out of models walking on catwalk in line at show finale


The childrenswear show, spotlighting sportswear for boys and light pink patterns for girls, dazzled audiences Wednesday at the ongoing 2012 China International Fashion Week in Beijing.

The show's young models walked confidently on stage, as cameras in the audience flashed continuously.

Different styles of plush clothing, princess costumes, flight suits and fashionable windbreakers delivered a visual feast for the show's audience. Children's shirts, shorts, hats, backpacks and other accessories, also added to the diversity of articles on display at the show.

Most girls' wear at the show had been designed with a focus on light colors and floral motifs, while the boys' wear was mainly outdoor sportswear, with blue, white and red being the main colors used.

Lovely kids with their natural and innocent performances made the childrenswear fashion show all the more dynamic.

When interviewed, the child models said they liked the clothing, and the feeling of being on stage very much.


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