Story : China-Tiger Cubs
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Summary : German shepherds mother three rare tiger cubs through tough first weeks in E China reserve
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Rongcheng, China - Recent
1. Mid of three tiger cubs inside cage
2. Zoom out of feeder releasing tiger cubs from cage
3. Mid of nursing dog playing with tiger cubs
4. Various of nursing dog breastfeeding tiger cubs
5. Various of tiger triplets crawling on floor and on nursing dog
6. Various of nursing dog licking tiger cub
7. Various of tiger triplets crawling on floor
8. Various of feeder weighing tigers cubs on scale while they try to jump from the scale
9. Mid of feeder putting tiger cubs back inside cage
10. Mid of three tiger cubs inside cage


Three white tiger cubs survived healthily at a Chinese wildlife nature reserve after weaning from their unlikely nursing mothers: German shepherds.

Yes, dogs.

It seems that motherly instincts do trump the instinctual rivalry of feline vs. canine, as the dogs have really taken to the tiger cubs, and have even been know to show affection towards the little tigers tussling about around them.

The three-week-old cubs don't seem to notice anything strange about their unique mothers either.

Born on Dec. 26 in a wildlife nature reserve in Rongcheng, east China’s Shandong Province, two of the triplets are white tigers while the other one is a rare stripeless white tiger.

This was the cubs' mother's third pregnancy in one and half years; she gave birth to two sets of quadruplets in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

The triplets weighed only about 1 kg each at birth. Their mother, fertile as she is, has shown that some mother's instincts might not be so strong after all. She has not been good at taking care of her children, and for the sake of their health and safety, the reserve decided to bring the newborns under the care of its staff in a nursery room.

There, German shepherds have assumed the responsibility of breast feeding the tiger triplets to ensure their survival and growth, said Zhou Xiaoguang, the feeder.

Under Zhou’s thoughtful care, the cubs have gained more than 2 kg each, and are enjoying the company of their nursing mothers.


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