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Summary : Tiangong-1 capsule shows human-centered design
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Beijing, China - Recent (shot before launch)
1. Zoom in picture of Tiangong-1
2. Mid of staff shooting in Tiangong-1 capsule
3. Mid of inside capsule
4. Pan left of China's national flag to storage bags
5. Mid of storage bags
6. Tracking shot of storing bags
7. Mid of staff shooting in Tiangong-1 capsule
8. Pan up of sleeping bag
9. Pan left of control-board
10. Close of control-board
11. Close of China's national flag
12. Close of headphone
13. Tracking shot of lounge area
14. Mid of storage bag
15. Mid of camera
16. Pan down of exercise equipments
17. Close of exercise equipments
18. Various of on board camera
19. Tracking shot of whole capsule
20. Mid of camera


Tiangong-1 capsule is not only designed to provide high-tech workstations but also a comfortable living quarter for the astronauts.

The capsule, measuring roughly two meters in length and width, consist of a spacious room which is divided into storage, lounge, and exercise area.

The whole cabin can hold up to three astronauts at one time and more than 15 cubic meters are available for each astronaut.

In the storage area, bags are hung against the wall to store astronauts' daily essentials.

Meanwhile, two lounge areas are equipped with sleeping bags, above which light switches are built in for astronaut’s convenience.

In the central part of capsule, a set of supporting facilities are built for astronauts to exercise, which can be folded for storage.

While in the working area, the control-board, is made up of monitors and keypads, is equipped for astronauts' operation in orbit.

Two cameras are also installed inside the capsule, one to record whole process of the astronauts entering the capsule and the other to record the control-board signals when it is unmanned.


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