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Date : March 20, 2017
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Summary : AIIB president says it committed to addressing burning issues faced by client countries
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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is committed to addressing the burning issues faced by its client countries through productive sectors such as investment and infrastructure, said the bank’s president on Monday.

Jin Liqun, the president of AIIB, said at the China Development Forum in Beijing that the bank emphasizes its cooperation with its international counterparts such as the Asia Development Bank, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and stands ready to work together with them in extending investment to a broader scope, and establishing a more effective financial and fiscal system that facilitates the governance of global economy.

The AIIB will lead effort to achieve this goal through investment and infrastructure, according to Jin.

"We are created to address some of the burning issues faced by the client countries in Asia and elsewhere. AIIB has the mandate to foster sustainable economic growth and development as well as to promote regional connectivity and cooperation, and through investment and infrastructure and other productive sectors. Let me highlight this point, infrastructure and other productive sectors," said Jin.

Jin added that investing in environment friendly technologies is one of the fundamental principles for the AIIB to select a project.

"For example environmental protection is one of the keys in infrastructural building, we need to reduce air and water pollution. For example our promotion of public transportation system, which encourages people to reduce driving, is beneficial (to the environment)," said the banker.

Themed “Engaging With The World For The Common Prosperity”, the three-day China Development Forum was concluded on Monday.

Senior government officials, world leading entrepreneurs and academics such as Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc Tim Cook, former chairman of the U.S. Council of Economic Advisers Martin Feldstein shared their insights over China and the World’s development at the forum.

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