Story : South Sudan-Plane Crash/Chinese Peacekeepers
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Date : March 20, 2017
Published : March 21, 2017
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Location(s) : Wau, South Sudan
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Source : China Central Television (CCTV)
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Summary : Chinese peacekeepers aid in rescue after plane crash in Wau
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Wau, South Sudan - March 20, 2017
1. Chinese peacekeepers arriving at crash site
2. Bystanders standing around crashed plane
3. Chinese peacekeepers at crash site
4. Remains of crashed plane
5. Chinese peacekeepers at crash site
6. SOUNDBITE (Chinese, phone interview) Ma Qingfeng, officer in charge of publicity, Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment to Wau:
"The Chinese peacekeeping engineering detachment sent two fire engines and Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment sent 15 medical staff and three ambulances. After arriving at the accident site, the engineering corps helped put out the fire, and the medical staff helped check injured people and clean up the site."
7. Crash site
8. Chinese peacekeepers at crash site
9. Bystanders at crash site


Chinese peacekeepers in South Sudan participated in the rescue operation on Monday after a passenger aircraft crashed at the airport in Wau and burst into flames.

The accident happened at around 15:30 local time. All 43 passengers and six crew members survived the plane crash, local authorities confirmed.

According to Ma Qingfeng, officer in charge of publicity with the Chinese peacekeeping medical detachment in Wau, as soon as they received a report from the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), the peacekeepers immediately headed for the airport with two fire engines and three ambulances.

After arriving at the crash site, the engineering corps participated in the fire-fighting and rescue operation, and the medical staff helped check the injured and clean up the site.

According to Wau State Information Minister Nona Guadenesio 37 passengers were admitted to hospital and 31 have so far been discharged, with the remaining ones in stable conditions.

He added that the accident was caused by poor visibility that led to a collision between the plane and a firefighter truck during the landing.

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