Story : USA-Anti-Nuke Protest
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Date : Aug 6, 2015
Published : August 07, 2015
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Location(s) : Livermore, USA
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Source : Agencia EFE
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Summary : Over 50 arrested during protest against nuclear weapons in California
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Livermore, California, USA-Aug 6, 2015
1. Protester writing slogan on ground
2. Sign reading (English): Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
3. Various of protest with security force on guard
4. Banner on ground
5. Security force
6. Various of security force taking protesters away
7. Placard
8. Warning sign
9. Banners
10. Various of protest


Around 50 anti-nuclear weapon activists, many of whom were in their 80s , were arrested after they refused to follow an order to disperse during a protest in California on Thursday, according to the Spanish news agency.

More than 300 people gathered outside the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, which was established in 1952 to develop nukes, to protest against nuclear weapons on Thursday, the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

The demonstrators said they aimed at disclosing how much money the U.S. government has invested in nuclear weapons research and mourning the victims of the explosion 70 years ago.

Some elders, children and Japanese expatriates living in San Francisco Bay Area participated in the peace gathering. They expressed the opposition against war and nuclear weapons through singing, dancing and banners.

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